Friday, March 25, 2011

A Triumph of the Human Voice

I was a big singer in high school. Not that I was big. But my singing was. I sang a lot. I did all the competitions, and I actually got pretty good at it. Then I graduated and didn't sing again (think The Little Mermaid here) until this year (when my proverbial seashell cracked...then I kissed the prince...but it was too late...le sigh.) Last night I sang publicly for the first time in seven years, and I have to say that it felt really good it was the most nerve-wracking experience of my entire life. I was going to take photos of what I wore, but I was too busy trying not to pee myself. It went well, though. I'm supposed to get a recording of the performance, so I may share if it's not totally horrible.

On a related note, a big shout out to my family and friends who came and sat through an hour and a half of novice singers screeching out Italian ballads. You are saints.

With that hellish experience behind me, I am looking forward to going to a birthday party tonight! Here's the outfit:

3/25/11 outfit #3
3/25/11 outfit #3
3/25/11 outfit #3

What do you think, backyard/bar birthday party appropriate? The gold necklace is a particular favorite of mine...I found it at Frocks, a local boutique. It's pretty unique, and I always get comments on it. I'd say this outfit gets a good, solid A-.

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