Monday, March 28, 2011

Standardized Tests and Florals

I've been keeping this a bit under wraps because I wanted to wait and see how everything works out before I go running my mouth, but I have to go ahead and announce that I took my GRE today and I DID OK! An amazing vote of confidence, yes, but I am just so excited that it is over and I'm pretty sure my scores are fine to get me into the UNT MA Linguistics program (this is assuming that I didn't totally bomb the essays, which scores I will get in about two weeks.) Whew! Now I can finally return all those study books to the library and go out for a celebratory drink. :)

3/26/11 outfit
3/26/11 outfit

This was my outfit on Saturday. Boring, yes, but laying on a blanket and taking photos at the park doesn't exactly require astounding feats of fashion acrobatics. Plus, I wore the spork which should get me at least a couple points for creativity. The tunic is new, from Frocks (duh, what do I own that isn't from Frocks?) I'll give this one an A for comfort and cuteness.

Note: I want to do something fun to my hair for the summer (color, not cut.) Thoughts?

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