Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Panchos and Loving Gestures

Mr. Johnson surprised me with beautiful flowers on Monday after I took my GRE. Red roses because he loves me and a yellow daisy because they are my favorite. He is the best at making me smile. :)


As much as I have been enjoying the warm weather, I was excited that it was a bit chilly yesterday because I got to have an 80's moment with flared corduroys and a vintage poncho (impulsively purchased at Ahab Bowen in Uptown over the weekend.) Panchos and I have a love/hate relationship. On the one hand, wearing a pancho is almost like cheating because it's basically a blanket with a hole. On the other hand, they tend to twist, get sat on, and generally be uncomfortable. C'est la vie.

3/29/11 outfit
3/29/11 outfit

The headband is from Ruffles and Fringe. Buy vintage and handmade! Down with corporate chains! (says the girl wearing pants from the Gap) Outfit gets an A-.

Who else is excited for Rangers Opening Day? Maybe I'm imagining it, but it feels that Dallas is all a-tingle with anticipation. I know I am. :)

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