Thursday, March 31, 2011

Grad School and Poncho: The Sequel

My plans for starting graduate school in the fall are swimming right along. I spent part of my afternoon on campus gathering information and generally begging and pleading for scholarships/jobs/financial aid. I have to say that the campus has grown on me over the past few years. I used to think it was ugly, but now I recognize the specific charm of a north Texas public university.

College building or Harry Potter set?

I'm not sure if that last one is an actual college structure or a set piece from a Harry Potter movie. Perhaps one of the Batman movies circa 1995?

Ok, I admit...I actually bought two ponchos at Ahab Bowen. The second one is much more comfy, plus it is from the 70's, which is never a bad thing. I love the pattern knitted into this one, it makes me feel like someone's grandmother made it. In a good way.

3/31/11 outfit
3/31/11 outfit
3/31/11 outfit

Sorry about the cheesy posing. A model I am not. Obviously. B+ for today.

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