Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kenny's Radical Birthday Shindig!

Radical was the best adjective I could come up with. I'm not sure it does the trick.

So, my childhood friend Ken turned an abysmally old age this week (29) and I was thrilled and excited to be able to attend a birthday party at his house in good old Denison, TX. We hadn't seen each other for many moons, but we've been Facebook stalking each other, so it was the perfect time to become reacquainted. Plus, I got to meet his lovely wife Megan, who is a wonderful artist and soon to be my BFF. This party was the friggin' jam, you guys. It included:

-tree lights
-spontaneous jam sessions including multiple ukuleles, a guitar, a violin, and a clarinet
-box wine
-wrestling (no punching or groin kicks, however, butt tickling is perfectly legal)

Uh-mazing. I am green with envy of their house, too. I always forget how much I miss being in the county (being able to see the stars and walking around barefoot are two of my favorite things in the whole world.)


So, thank you, Ken (I know you'll be reading this ;) for inviting me to your birthday! I hope to be back very soon...get to work on that program of yours so you can hire me in a couple years!

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