Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Skirts and Turquoise

I got crazy last night and wore a cute little skirt to choir practice. Not that wearing cute little skirts is crazy, just that I usually wear jeans. Because they are easy. With jeans you don't have to worry about leg hair or wind. Jeans are low maintenance.

3/22/11 outfit #2
3/22/11 outfit #2

That turquoise ring is one of my top five favorite pieces of jewelry. My dad found it metal detecting a number of years ago and gave it to me. He's found some really lovely things over the years. I kind of love that particular hobby.

While I like the femininity of the outfit, I'm trying to get away from such young looks. I still have tons of flimsy tank tops and skirts that I bought in my early 20's that I now feel make me look like a little girl...or maybe a mid-20's woman trying to look like a little girl. Anyway, this ensemble gets a B-.

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