Name: Chelle Lynn
Age: 20-something
Location: Dallas
Occupation: artist / teacher-in-training / English tutor


I am a creative soul stuck in a practical mind. My favorite things to do are paint, teach, study linguistics, and look at my husband's face. Other minor to major obsessions include blogging, photography, Dallas, yoga, beaches, musical memes, and being a ginger.

I have a serious case of the Wander Lust.

I am fiercely committed to my family, friends, and the Texas Rangers. I struggle with anxiety and am seeking a more peaceful and healthy lifestyle physically, mentally, and spiritually. I constantly change my mind, but have a great desire to settle on a profession and personal style. This blog has pretty much ended up being a brain-dump. I hope you enjoy. :)

Feel free to leave me a comment and/or visit my
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