Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Quick Note...

I am loving the flower hair clip that the beautiful and talented Celia gifted to me for Christmas!


Her crafts are too cute! Love it!

Pretty, Pretty Pictures

I feel like I have been working non-stop the past few days. I have applied for approximately ten billion jobs (tedious, boring work), finished and photographed three paintings, and taken my first ever yoga class (ouch!) No rest for the weary!

I really enjoyed these most recent pieces, and am planning several more for the near future. What do you think?




As always, they are available on my etsy site. Tell you friends! Tell your family! Tell your priest! 2010 is going to be the year for Shertown Studios, and I need everyone's help to get the word out. You guys are the best!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Short Christmas Recount

I must not tarry long in blogland before working on ye olde resume, but I wanted to share a few Christmas photos.

Handmade owl ornaments
handmade gifts2

Me and C in front of my mom's beautiful tree

Holy crap, it was a white Christmas in Texas!

Brothers at my in-law's

Corban hanging out with Kimo
Hello, Kimo

Pretty photography by the father-in-law
Pretty Snow

We had a lovely Christmas, and are extremely ready to welcome 2010! Let's keep our fingers crossed for some awesome new paintings and a brand new shiny job para mi!

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Worst Little Blogger

I have been terribly negligent of my little corner of the internet, but I will try to be better. Things have been happening, oh yes, they have, and sometimes there is just not time for the narcissism of blogging.

Hopefully I will have time later this week to share some recent projects, but for now, here are some graduation photos. Yes, I graduated. It happened and is shocking.


So bored! It was boring!




The Thackers



The Johnsons


So very educated. Can you see the education?


I may be more educated, but he is definitely the one with charm.


Lunch @ Babe's with the families.

Also, I went to Corban's office Christmas party and things got, as they say, krunk.


Time to go be super productive.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Artistic Updates

I have been so glad to be able to get back into my art! Here are the first two pieces to be completed since the move:



These are done on some some cool vintage canvas panels that my great grandmother found in her garage. Very awesome! I have a couple more pieces in the works, as well as some brand new canvases just begging to be painted upon. Also, I have started a small sewing project that I am hoping to share in about a week!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hello, everyone! I need you (yes, YOU) to go check out a recent short film that I acted (?) in titled "Medication", which was created by the talented director Daniel Johnson, and shot on the best camera known to man. Follow the link to watch the film and read all about the equipment used.

Go now, go now! Watch! Enjoy! Leave comments! Be amazed.