Sunday, May 29, 2011

taste addison 2011

You remember back in the day when I promised a post dedicated to Taste Addison 2011? Yeah, I was totally not lying about that. Not at all.

In short: it was all that knew it would be! We got to talk to some vendor's, listen to music, people watch, and eat/drink to our heart's content. Oh, and there were definitely corn dogs. My lord, the corn dogs.

(get your minds out of the gutter, people! it's a corn dog, it can't help being falic!)

I can not express how excited I was about getting to eat a corn dog. You know, there isn't a single eating establishment in Dallas that will actually sell you a corn dog*. It's a freaking travesty. We basically ended up paying $10 each for those corn dogs (admission fee + cost of food.) Worth every single penny.

After Corban started limping like a poor sad puppy (he's still recovering from the accident), we retired to Astoria to drink beers and hang out with the owners, Nick and Tedi. Knowing them makes us infinitely cooler than we ever could be otherwise.


I'm so glad that summer has started up and we get to do these things more often for a little while (at least until the heat becomes completely unbearable.) Next up: Memorial Day celebrations!


*this is not an actual fact, that i know of. it seems unlike. although, I have eaten a restaurant s'more, complete with open flame this year. there may be hope yet.

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