Tuesday, May 10, 2011

mustachio bashio 2011 vol. 1: cake flag diy

Every year Kenji and Jimmy host a mustache-themed Cinco de Mayo party. The men grow out silly facial hair and the women are made to wear those creepy synthetic stick-on mustaches.

Yes, we are adults.

Also, at the risk of sounding like a total elitist, I would like to add that we were doing this way before mustaches were cool. Just sayin'.

This weekend also happens to coincide with one of the hosts birthdays, so I thought I would make cupcakes for the occasion. Mustache cupcakes. Obviously.

I made cake flags in the shape of cute little mustaches. Bonus, these could also be used as fun party favors or a mustache alternative to those opposed to spirit gum! Here's how:


1. Create your mustache template or download mine here and print (I printed 12 mustaches per sheet, enough for 6 total mustaches)



2. Color and cut out your mustaches (I used good old fashioned Crayola crayons)


3. Use craft glue to glue two mustaches together, back to back, with a toothpick in between


4. Pretend to have a mustache

Simple, yes? I was able to do most of this work while watching Community. Win, win, win.

Next up, Mustachio Bashio 2011 Vol. 2: Drinko de Mayo!

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