Wednesday, September 7, 2011

outfit: day at the park

Some days are just for t-shirts and jeans, you know? Corban and I used our Labor Day afternoon to take Vera for a walk in the park and check out the tent being constructed for the upcoming Oktoberfest.


It was such a lovely day to walk around the park. We always enjoy seeing the construction before a big event...spaces feel so different when they are packed with people, and it seems almost magical thinking that the quiet little park we are standing in will soon be something else entirely - transformed into a huge festival ground filled with people, food, dancing, and music.

I like the idea that a place (or thing) can hold such endless possibilities. :)


  1. i love a good pair of flip flops. If one goes missing- i start to panic a little :)

  2. My cats tend to chew on mine, so I can't get too attached...but, that also means that I get to justify getting a couple brand new pairs each year! :)