Monday, September 26, 2011

date night - the ginger man

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Now that we've truly entered what I like to call "porch weather," Corban and I have started venturing to try outdoor eats and drinks for date night. Recently we revisited The Ginger Man in Uptown, a pub located in a rickety old house with an amazing backyard porch filled with twinkle lights. I'm a huge sucker for twinkle lights. The pub is known for it's large selection of beers and ciders. I, true to form, ordered wine. :)


This is really one of my favorite porches of all time. Seating is mostly long tables and benches, so people have to sit pretty close together and, dare it say it, actually interact! For a person battling social anxiety, this may not seem ideal. However, it worked out as we were able to snag a private table and do some very interesting people-watching at a respectable distance from the crowds. :)

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