Friday, September 23, 2011

oktoberfest 2011

Last weekend our favorite park was transformed from this-


into this-


Pretty crazy, huh? I still can't believe how many people can be packed into one space. We always end up running into some of the most random people in the world. Last year it was our favorite barista. This year? Our hairdresser! It seems that nearly everyone in the DFW metroplex makes it out for this event.

Oh, and remember the chicken hat of which I spoke? Here's my proof:


Yes, what you are seeing is a grown man of 26 years wearing a felt chicken on his head. Maybe that's the point of Oktoberfest - a place to be as silly as possible, just for one night. Silly we were, my friends, silly indeed.


Once Oktoberfest has come and gone, we really know that summer is over. Now I am dreaming of Autumn-themed DIYs, apple cider, and fall leaves. If only the weather would cooperate! Hopefully the 95 degree afternoons will subside in a couple weeks, and we can really start enjoying my favorite season. Happy Friday, all, have safe and happy weekends!

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