Monday, August 29, 2011

a year of 25

In an attempt to be one of those "organized" students this semester, I started cleaning up my desktop (the digital one, the physical top of my desk is still a mess) and I found a list that I haphazardly typed up a few months ago of things I wanted to do before I turned 26.

I know, everyone does these. Try not to judge.

Blogger cliche aside, it does help me feel accomplished when I have set, written goals that I can cross off a list. If it works for household chores and and grocery shopping, why not for life? And, why not use this blog to hold myself accountable?

So, here is my list!

Photo on 2011-08-25 at 14.44 #4

1. become a yogi
2. buy at least 1 item of clothing every month (preferably made in the US)
3. take at least two plane trips
4. quit smoking
5. send Christmas cards
6. decorate bedroom
7. go the the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens
8. make a bundt cake
9. get teacher certification
10. make plans for 2012 international vacation
11. read 12 books
12. toast the new year
13. start graduate school

I'm also going put this list on a page below my header. Watch me cross these babies off!


  1. Loving this list! I need to make a list like this. I have so many things I want to do and I just turned 24! Perfect timing. :)

  2. Thanks!! I wish I had done one when I turned 25 in January, but better late than never! Maybe I'll be more prepared when 26 rolls around. :)

  3. hi my name is martha from mexico , and i enjoy a lot rading this blog since 7 am .... today . lol :)

    1. Thanks, Martha from Mexico, I'm glad you stopped by! Just so you know, I've moved over to this website: