Wednesday, August 3, 2011

life lessons: learning a craft

It takes time (sometimes many years) to develop a vision and learn your "craft". Wherever you are, don't rush the learning process. The more time you spend developing your skills and style, the better. Be encouraged and keep learning! - Elsie Larson

My first inclination is often to become frustrated when things don't happen fast enough. I always seem to feel like I'm in an "in-between" stage...stuck between places where I want to be, never quite there. But, that's life! I want to always be learning and growing, which means that I probably won't ever really feel like I have everything figured out. And, that's ok!

Thanks for the advice, Elsie! Exactly the encouragement I needed to take that next step forward. 


  1. Awe, You're so sweet. I'm so glad I could encourage you! Keep learning and growing! Thank you for such a sweet comment and blog post!
    xo, Elsie