Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"we are mexicans!! we are humans!!"

The past couple of weeks I have been volunteering at the UNT LTC Summer Institute, an emersion-and-project-based intensive English-learning program for adult students from Toluca, Mexico.

It. Has. Been. Awesome.

The students and teachers are all amazing, and I'm learning so much. On Friday, my Performing Arts class performed a flash mob that they conceptualized called "We are Mexicans!! We are Humans!!"

"We are Mexicans!! We are Humans!!" from Shertown Studios on Vimeo.

They really had a good time with it and so easily addressed such a politically/personally-charged issue (although, let's be honest, there aren't exactly a wealth of hyper-conservatives prowling around UNT.) Seriously, these students are great. They have been cracking me up every day. I will be so sad when they go home on Saturday.


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