Friday, February 5, 2010

It's Good To Be In Love

Plus One Half

Star Five

I have been planning to do some Mario fan art for some time now, and I was so excited to finally be in a position to do it! I'm pretty sure that I originally sketched this one sometime early last year. I have also finished up a piece as a super belated birthday gift for my best friend. That's right, Ashley, a pretty something will be coming your way soon!

This is also super belated, but I wanted to post about a craft swap (organized by Kate of Skunkboy Creatures fame) that I participated in last month. I was paired with Melanie of Grey Moogie, who makes the cutest letter press/stationary ever. Here are the goodies that she sent me!

Craft Swap from Grey Moogie

And this is the watercolor that I sent her, titled No Evil The First.

No Evil The First

Remember, there are lots of items that have been discounted in the shop that will not be re-listed once they expire! Now it is time for a little home-made-cookie-and-milk break. Happy Friday, one and all!

Lots of painting has been happening this week. I'm starting to get used to this whole unemployment thing. ;)

Gentleman Lover


  1. :D I reallllllly hope you like it!

  2. Cute, Mario! I wish I could be an employed unemployee. I miss it to be honest. Seems like I got more accomplished at home than at work ;p.

  3. I know, I feel like I have been really productive lately! But, alas, it does not pay the bills, so to interviews I must go.

  4. fun craft swap items! :)