Thursday, October 27, 2011

outfit: texas rangers fan girl

My love for the Texas Rangers has been well-documented. If you are not interested in my fan girl blitherings, please read this post about pumpkins. Everyone loves pumpkins.

For the remaining two of you...HOW COOL IS IT THAT THE RANGERS MADE IT TO THE WORLD SERIES TWO YEARS IN A ROW!? They played their first couple of games while Corban and I were in Hawaii, which stressed me out to no end. But, now that we're back, we can seriously get our cheer on.


This is what I wore to cheer on our guys earlier this week. No, I did not have a spasm in the last photo. I was doing the antlers. :)

The jade bracelet is a souvenir I brought back from Hawaii...normally I'm not big on trinkets, but the Big Island boasted some truly talented craftsmen and artists. Some of the jewelry was simply stunning (and pricey!) I even got a charm to start that new charm bracelet I was talking about!

Can you guys believe that November is almost here!? Does anyone else talk about what they're going to dress as all year, but leave all practical Halloween costume planning to the last minute? It's kind of a tradition for me. A very stressful tradition. :)

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