Monday, October 10, 2011

date night - pizza by marco

Date Night banner

I feel that I am not presumptuous when I say that Corban and I are quite the pizza connoisseurs. There is nothing that we love more than a really good slice of pizza. I had been wanting to try Pizza by Marco for months, and when I finally got the chance, I was not disappointed. The super thin, crispy crust and a amazingly flavorful sauce made me a believer within seconds. I highly recommend if you're in the Dallas area!


  1. I love pizza dates. It's casual, unpretentious and you just can't go wrong with pizza! This looks super amazing. My favorite is the thin and crispy crust with a pepperoni topping. Yum!

  2. I love me some Pizza By Marco. We had a friend over to watch the Tech game last weekend, and we enjoyed WAY TOO MUCH pizza del Marco. My favorite is probably the Full Moon.