Monday, October 3, 2011

date night - meso maya

Date Night banner

Today's Date Night is really a lunch date with my best friend, Ashley! We tried out the new Meso Maya on Preston and Forest.


We both had the tacos (chicken for me, shrimp for her), which were amaaaaaazing! Ashley tried the skinny margarita, which I thought was fantastic, and I had the white sangria. I'm definitely bringing Corban back here asap. Since our beloved Masaryk closed about a year and a half ago, we haven't had any good mod Mexican. I'm so excited that we have such a fabulous replacement!

All my Dallas peeps, please go to this restaurant so that it does not meet the same sad fate as Masaryk! We need this place to stay around. And, take caution when you try the's hothothot!

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