Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's Raining Cats and Dogs

I have been strictly forbidden from getting a dog until I'm 30 (although I am working on pushing that back to 27.) Apparently it would be a big deal to socialize our cats with a dog, as well as potty train while living in an apartment (minor details!) That being said, sometimes I can't keep myself away from local shelter websites. Ideally, I would like to adopt one of these...

Or one of these...

How can you say no to those faces!? Maybe one day, once my cats have gotten old and mellow, I will have a sweet little puppy to annoy me with his bathroom needs.

If any of you are looking for a furry friend, please please please check out some local shelters instead of going to pet shops, which usually employ puppy mills to provide their "full bred," often disease-ridden dogs. Two of my favorite shelters are, of course, the SPCA of Texas and the largest no-kill shelter in Texas, located right down the road in Carrollton, Operation Kindness.

I will now step down off my soap box and wish everyone a good day.

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  1. OooO the first one looks like a cute footstool!!! I love it! I've been banned myself until we get/buy/actually own a house...this could be longer than 30, so consider yourself lucky!! Until then, i guess my obese cat will have to do ;p