Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bunting How-To

This month I've finally gotten around to starting a decorating project in our bedroom...only a year after we moved into the apartment. Better late than never?

I started by making/hanging a cute little string of bunting. :) I always try to be conscious of not making the spaces my husband and I share too "girly," so I chose neutral colors from my stores of left-over fabric. The whole project only took a couple of hours (I did all my cutting while watching Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) and was made completely out of supplies I had lying around!

First, I made a pattern out of a piece of computer paper. I created the flags by pinning the pattern to the fabric and cutting around (to save time I folded my fabric in half and did these two at a time.)


Second, I folded and ironed the tab on each flag to prepare them for the sewing machine.


Third, I sewed the tab down on each flag. I used grey thread to give it that hand-made, carnival look. I used a sewing machine, but this could be done fairly quickly/easily by hand.


Fourth, I threaded basic craft twine through the loops that I just sewed by taping my twine to an unsharpened pencil with blue painter tape.


Fifth, I tied loops on both ends of my twine, and voila! Bunting!



So cheerful, it really brightens up a formally drab little space! I've also ordered some lovely prints and can't wait for them to come in. Our little room is really coming together. :D

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  1. haha totally agree wiht ur comment on my blog! team spike all the way!! :) x