Friday, January 28, 2011

What Is This Feeling?

I am so terrified excited to perform! If the already-amassing butterflies don't cause me to explode in a big, gory mess first, that is.

After a quick cyber-trip to Amazon and a slightly less quick physical-trip to Pender's, I now have all my music books for spring!

music books, yay!


  1. you're a mezzosop now? *gushing for you* it's so good to get back into singing! good luck and have tons of fun! I think of you and erin every time i do a show tunes song ;p. we may have to share sheet music!

  2. I am a mezzo now! *squeel!* Much more fun than alto. I'm thinking of doing a solo from Urinetown for my Broadway piece for my spring recital. I feel like I'm 17 again when I tell people that I am having a recital. :) Any time you want to have a sheet music trade, let me know!!