Thursday, June 9, 2011

the kitty saga

Remember when Harley was first supposed to have her stitches out? Yeah, that didn't exactly happen the way we planned...

May 14: Surgery
It is determined that Harley has a stomach blockage and has surgery for removal.


May 16: Home From Vet
We are happy to have our no longer sick, but sore kitty home.


Welcome Home, Harley! from Shertown Studios on Vimeo.

May 20: Bandages Come Off...
So much more comfortable without bandages!


...And Then Back On
But, Harley is a dumb-ass and started chewing on her stitches, one of which broke off.


Kitty Shirt from Shertown Studios on Vimeo.

May 25: To Vet For Suture Removal...But Then More Stitches Are Put In...Thus More Bandages
Due to stitch chewing, Harley has a gaping hole in her tummy that must be re-stitched.


Kitty in Bandages from Shertown Studios on Vimeo.

May 31: To Vet For Bandage Removal...But Bandages Must Remain
Yep, still not healed. We proceed to re-bandage her at home approximately five times in the next 4 days. We are total pros at this point.

June 7th: Stitches Come Out
Harley is (finally) given a clean bill of health! Incision is healed up nicely!


Nine trips to the vet, four trips to the pharmacy for bandages, three rounds of antibiotics, and three-and-a-half weeks later the ordeal is finally over. She's so much more comfortable now and is getting back to her usual bitchy self. Our sincere thanks to everyone who has asked about our little fur ball and wished her well. We are extremely relieved that she is better.


  1. Oh wow I'm glad she's okay!! That is one big ordeal.

    <3 Belly B