Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Losing You

And now for a general update on the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Johnson:

Vegas was amaaaaazing.


That place is worth it for people watching alone, not to mention sights, shows, food, and gambling. I went in with a complete disdain for gambling and came out with a slight craps addiction. Pics can be found here on my flickr.

Although we are glad to be back home, we can't wait for our next trip. We are planning to go to Houston in August to visit some of Corban's extended family, who I have never met. I hope they like me. Then, a tentative vacation in October for our 2-year anniversary! We just got our passports in the mail and are itching to use them...perhaps a trip to Mexico is in order?



Also in August, I am taking my first painting class since grade school! I signed up for a fall term Painting 1 night class at Brookhaven College, and cannot wait to start learning the basics. I feel that I have lately plateaued in my artistic progress, especially skill-wise, and am very excited to get a fresh perspective, learn from my peers, and work on building a strong technical foundation. It is scary, though, knowing that my work will be critiqued in a very open way, something that I have always done whatever I could to avoid; hopefully this experience will toughen and motivate me to really start getting my work out there for all to see and fail to understand. :)

Oh, and I finally got the new Sleeperstar album and the new Octopus Pie book in the mail! Please go check both of these artists out...the first are fun rock/pop/indie Dallas musicians, the second a fabulous web cartoonist. All of these people are inspiring in their talent and dedication.

Time to bust out some paints before I have to return to the daily grind tomorrow. Love...

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