Tuesday, March 2, 2010

For How Long

I have not been feeling good for several days, so I'm quarantined in my apartment, watching Jane Austen movies and eating chocolate ice-cream. Life is hard.

Check out this fabulous impromptu gift from my sweetheart.

New Earrings!

Feather earrings that I have been wanting for forever! Forgive the sucky picture. They came from LaurenLuvS. Go look at her pretty things.

Ugh. Time to heat up some pizza rolls and dive back into Pride and Prejudice. Happy Tuesday!


  1. *LOVES*

    You look beautiful, despite feeling like poo. Good thing you didn't buy anything last weekend... that would have been sad. Miss you, hopefully we can get together when you're feeling better.

  2. Me too! Ugh, this bug is definitely taking its time running its course. Silly Corban picked up a sickness, felt tired for three days, gave it to me, and I'm on the couch for a week. Not fair!