Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I have been going gangbusters getting stuff done, and I'm still behind on everything! Whew! Well, anyway, here are some pretty pictures of some pretty things I have been making.

First of all, the watercolors! Who knew that there were paints other than acrylics? Crazy talk.

Lightswitch Rave


Counter Clockwise

StickySticky NomNom

And, my newest canvas panel piece. The canvas is a little wonky from water damage, so it is super on sale. Just saying. ;)


In some other good news, I am up to 46 etsy hearts! My mad arithmetic skillz tell me that I am only four hearts away from my monthly goal of 50! I hope to be able to cross this one off my goal list soon. :)

Thanks again to everyone who has gone and looked at my shop. The encouragement really keeps me going.

Things are going to work in 2010!


  1. okay, so I'm a little put off. Apparently your post updates are not showing up on my handy dandy update shower-thingy on my blog page. Boo. So, thus, I have missed a week or so of updates.

    Take this comment for them all.

    Congrats on getting closer to your heart goal!

    Did you get into Etsy Dallas?

  2. Thanks! I'm at 47 now, and it's only half way through the month! :)

    I haven't heard about Etsy Dallas yet. I think they are supposed to notify the people they pick at the end of the month, or maybe in February. I should probably figure that out. Either way, I'll keep you updated!